Baron Strucker

Baron Wolfgang Von Strucker


A member of the Nazi party during World War II, Baron Strucker clashed with Nick Fury and the Howling Commandos on several occasions. Under the Red Skull’s orders, Strucker reformed the long defunct Hydra organisation and began using it to achieve his own goals. Surviving through to the modern age by using age-retarding drugs, Strucker has maintained control of Hydra and continues his feud with Nick Fury, now part of S.H.I.E.L.D. Strucker was killed during a fight with Fury when the Death Spore Bomb he had invented exploded. However, agents working for the Red Skull resurrected Strucker and bonded the Death Spores with his blood.

Strucker’s body hosts the Death Spore Virus, and he can transmit it by touch, killing victims almost instantly. The virus has enhanced Strucker’s own physical abilities, allowing him to heal from most wounds. If Strucker is killed again, the virus will be released from his body, becoming airborne and threatening life on Earth. Strucker is a master swordsman and marksman. His chief weapon is his mechanical right hand, the Satan Claw, which channels energy, increases his strength and contains Gatling guns, claws, knives, and teleportation technology

Baron Strucker

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