Carl Burbank


Carl Burbank was originally a priest until the deaths of young paritioners caused him to loose his faith. Joining the C.I.A. as an assassin, codenamed Bushwacker, Burbank was fitted with a cybernetic limb that could transform into a number of different guns. Hired by the Marauders to kill mutants, Bushwacker came into conflict with both Wolverine and Daredevil, during which, his face was burned in a fire. Since that time he has clashed with Daredevil on several occasions and has had further upgrades to his cybernetics.

Bushwacker’s right arm transforms into a range of different caliber guns, including automatic weapons, shotguns and pistols; he has to carry regular ammunition to load these weapons. Much of his body is composed of a flesh-like substance which can liquefy to seal wounds, making him resistant to gunfire and able to mask his facial scars when he wants to (though he often chooses not to when confronting Daredevil, whom he blames for these injuries). He has claimed to be a mutant rather than a cyborg, and his left arm has been seen to transform too; however, given that on occasion his right-side mechanical arm has been removed by the authorities, this may be a deception, and his new abilities simply further cybernetic enhancements.


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