Calvin Carr


Calvin Carr is the brother of the original Chemistro, Curtis Carr. Calvin hoped to capitalize on his brother’s invention, the Alchemy Gun, and donned the Chemistro outfit. More ruthless than his brother, he used the Alchemy Gun on people without thought of the results. Luke Cage and Iron Fist were able to defeat him with help from Curtis, and Calvin was jailed. Since then, Calvin has attempted to gain revenge on his brother, but was once again arrested, this time by Iron Man.

Chemistro’s “alchemy gun” or wrist blasters are empowered by a compound capable of transmuting any material, including human tissue, into any other form of matter; the devices are cybernetically linked to the user, enabling Chemistro to work any transformation he can imagine. The gun can also alter the temperature and shape of an object. The transformations are not permanent, and transformed material usually crumbles to dust after some time.


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