Cobalt Man

Ralph Roberts


Ralph Roberts was a lab technician at Stark Industries but quit when Stark refused to divulge the secrets of the Iron Man armor. Starting his own company, Ralph created his own armor out of a super-cobalt alloy but was unaware that the cobalt’s radioactive properties would affect his mind. Driven mad, he attacked both the X-Men and Iron Man before being cured. Later, Ralph began plotting to destroy cities with nuclear explosions to prove the dangers of nuclear energy. Having been exposed to large amounts of radiation, Ralph mutated into a larger, more muscular form, and began enacting his plans, but the Hulk intervened and defeated him.

Constructed from a super-cobalt alloy many times stronger than steel, Cobalt Man’s armor grants the wearer super-strength, an internal oxygen supply, flight capability and the ability to fire concussive recoil beams. After his mutation, Ralph gained additional muscle mass, enhanced strength and durability, and the ability to generate radioactive energy from his hands, which he can project to allow flight or as a concussive beam.

Cobalt Man

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