William Cross


CIA interrogation expert William Cross had been building his own rogue covert operation when an attempt on his life claimed one of his eyes and his hearing. Using cybernetic implants to compensate for the losses, he became the mercenary Crossfire. Crossfire had come into possession of an ultrasonic brainwashing technology and attempted to use it to control the hero Hawkeye into attacking other heroes. Hawkeye was able to fight off the technology’s influence and defeated Crossfire and the two have clashed several times since.

An expert spy, marksman and strategist, Crossfire is a master brainwasher who uses mind-influencing ultrasonic devices. His cybernetic infrared eye can see in the dark, and his left “ear” is an adjustable, super-acute audio sensor. His bulletproof Kevlar costuming conceals miniaturized accessories such as firearms, surveillance devices, ultrasonics and an oxygen supply. The same explosion that claimed his left eye and ear left him with 85% hearing loss in his right ear.


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