Daniel Leighton


Daniel Leighton moved to New York when he was young and, when his family fell on hard times, he resorted to committing crimes to pay the bills. Unable to avenge his sister’s rape by the local gang leader, Crossbones, Daniel felt he had shamed his family and left for Europe. There he trained how to fight effectively with knives and began taking mercenary work under the name Cutthroat. Later, when the Red Skull was recruiting for a new leader of his Skeleton Crew, Cutthroat defeated all the other contenders to take the position. However, the previous leader, Crossbones, returned and retook his position, cutting Cutthroat’s throat and leaving him for dead. A short time later, Cutthroat was discovered by S.H.I.E.L.D. agents and received medical treatment to save his life.

Cutthroat is highly skilled with daggers and knives, both thrown and in hand-to-hand combat. He’s an above average fighter, and a moderately skilled marksman with guns. His costume is a light protective armor, and he carries a variety of speciality daggers, most adamantium-edged.


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