Scott Summers


Strength 6D
Agility 6B
Intellect 6X
Willpower 8D

Edge 3
Hand Size 5 (30)

Calling: Idealist

Martial Arts, Piloting, Ricochet

Energy Blast 16 (“Optic Blast”) – Momentum (“Pressor Beam”), Ricochet, Wide-angle Beam – Limit: Uncontrollable without visor. Blocked by Ruby Quartz
Invulnerability to his own Energy Blasts and Havok’s Cosmic Energy

Visor – Allows power stunts, stops beams from firing


Oldest son of USAF Major Christopher Summers, young Scott Summers barely survived the Shi’ar attack that took his parents from him. Attempting to save his life, his mother strapped him into the only parachute onboard and pushed him and his younger brother Alex from their father’s burning plane. Orphaned and hospitalized, Scott became a ward of the state, which separated him from his brother and shuttled him from home to home. As he grew older, Summers’ mutant abilities emerged and caused him trouble until Professor Charles Xavier rescued him and became the boy’s teacher and father figure.

As “Cyclops,” Scott Summers was a member of the first class of X-Men trained by Xavier. He has remained loyal to Xavier’s dream, if not the man himself, at great cost over the years, through two marriages and a revolving roster of X-Men. Eventually he emerged from Xavier’s shadow to take a leadership position, in charge not only of the X-Men but also of the school bearing Xavier’s name.

Cyclops behaves like the stern and no-nonsense leader he believes he needs to be. He has no real life outside of his responsibilities, sacrificing his personal needs to his perceived duties time and again. Selfless, he is devoted to safeguarding mutantkind from all threats and proving they can coexist with mankind.

Summers has lost the love of his life, Jean Grey, more than once, he has developed an antagonistic relationship with his former mentor, and he’s seen enemies become friends and friends become enemies. Even his current girlfriend, Emma Frost, used to be a mortal foe. Fostering his sense of self-reliance has left him with serious trust issues, and on an emotional level, he is very, very alone. Worse, he sees even this condition as necessary for his situation.

Abilities & Resources
Scott Summers is an alpha-level mutant whose eyes act as apertures to an extra-dimensional source of energy. This energy emits in beam form whenever his eyes are open and can only be filtered safely by ruby quartz lenses. Powerful enough to blast easily through reinforced materials and knock aside heavy vehicles, the beam manifests as concussive force rather than heat or radiation. The visor Summers wears gives him precise control over the beam’s size, intensity, and scatter—and he is an expert marksman with his innate attack. Cyclops is immune to the effects of his own blast—even his closed eyelids are sufficient to block its release—and the energy powers of his brother Alex, AKA Havok. However, he cannot control the energy itself; without the visor it bursts from his eyes. It’s unclear whether this lack of control is due to physiological or psychological trauma.

In addition to his mutant power, Cyclops is a gifted tactician, hand-to-hand combatant, and pilot. He has extensive training in a variety of subjects, including telepathically implanted languages. He has access to all of the X-Men’s tech, vehicles, and facility resources.

Summers can call on any number of teams and personal allies, including a telepathic girlfriend, an equally powerful mutant brother, and a father with a spaceship and his own team. Cyclops is essentially the leader and public spokesman of mutants, at least in the eyes of the public and the government, and this gives him certain political clout and cultural standing.


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