Maxwell Dillon


While working on a downed power line, Maxwell Dillon was struck by lightning. Grabbing the power cable he received a second shock that combined with the lightning and gave him the ability to control electricity. Donning a colorful costume and using the name Electro, Dillon began committing crimes, bringing him into conflict with Spider-Man. Over the years the two have faced each other many times, with Spider-Man usually winning despite the sheet power at Electro’s command. While powerful, Dillon’s profound lack of judgement allows him to be beaten by less powerful heroes.

Electro possesses the ability to bodily acquire, store and manipulate electrostatic energy. Typically Electro absorbs this energy from an external power source, but in the absence of an external supply he can generate a limited amount of electrostatic charge by transforming chemical energy from within his own body. Electro can employ his electrostatic energy in a number of ways; he can shoot lightning from his fingertips, travel along lines of electrical energy, control electronic machinery and augment his strength, speed and recuperative powers.


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