Emma Frost

Emma Frost


Strength 3C
Agility 4X
Intellect 8B
Willpower 11A

Edge 2
Hand Size 5 (25)

Calling: Mentor

Brawling, Whips
Assessment, Computers, Electronics
Finance, Leadership, Manipulation, Mental Control

Body Transformation 10 (Diamond) – Unique Limit: While using Body Transformation, cannot use any Mental Powers
Empathy 7
Illusion 14 – Limit: Must first use Telepathy or Mind Control on her targets
Mind Control 14 – Mindwipe, Possession
Nullification 14 – Limit: Only usable of Willpower-trump Powers
Psi-Screen +9
Psychic Blast 16 – Mind Blowing, Psychic Detection, Sedation
Resistance +9 to Mental Control
Telepathy 14 – Life Detection, Mental Probe, Psychic Invisibility, Psychic Surgery, Rangeless, Telepathic Illusion


The Frost family does not reward weaklings. Emma Frost’s father raised strong-willed and ruthless daughters, but a disappointingly fragile son. Seeing the brother she loved cruelly used as yet another of her father’s object lessons, Emma finally walked away from her family, determined to make her way alone. On her own she learned hard lessons about life that honed her native aggression and ruthlessness even further. Combined with her mutant telepathic abilities, her brutal and ambitious nature eventually earned her a seat as the White Queen, helping Sebastian Shaw seize control of the Hellfire Club from their murderously anti-mutant predecessors. As a member of the Club’s ruling council, she fought against the X-Men on numerous occasions.

Emma also channeled her ambition into molding and teaching new generations of mutants. After watching too many of her charges die—first in her own school and later on Genosha—she experienced a change in her attitudes and eventually came to Xavier’s school for a second chance and emotional sanctuary. In her time teaching at the school, she’s proven a valuable asset to the X-Men; she’s also developed a strong romantic relationship with the widowed Scott Summers (Cyclops).

Emma Frost is not a nice person. She is domineering, manipulative, ruthless, sometimes cruel, and far less encumbered by the moral scruples she perceives as hampering her teammates. Frost carries a monumental case of survivor’s guilt—not only has she watched most of the students she’s been responsible for die, she also helplessly witnessed first-hand the death of millions in Genosha. This changed her in ways she doesn’t yet have the emotional tools to accept fully. While she has come a lot closer to the side of the angels while working with the X-Men, she retains most of the ice queen persona that helped her survive in her life before Xavier’s school. She is still trying to find a stable equilibrium between her own nature and the role she’s chosen to play in her new environment, and there have been a few stumbles along the way.

The deep love she has developed for Summers is a new feeling for her, and one she’s exploring with great caution. Emma is not a woman to accept second place gracefully, and living in the shadow of the (currently) deceased Jean Grey rankles her tremendously. Frost also remains quite aware that Kitty Pryde and a number of her other teammates are a long way from trusting her, regardless of her bond with Summers or her actions with the team thus far.

Abilities & Resources
Frost is a powerful and highly skilled telepath. She can read minds, project her own thoughts, manipulate perceptions, induce pain, control thoughts and actions, and so on. She developed a secondary mutation during the annihilation of Genosha: the ability to transform her body mass into organic diamond. In her diamond form, she gains immense strength and durability with no loss in mobility or flexibility, but she loses access to her telepathic powers while in that form.

Even without her mutant abilities, Emma is a master manipulator. She’s fully aware of her great beauty and shameless in exploiting it and any emotional weaknesses her insight into human psychology might reveal. Emma is also an electronics expert and capable businesswoman.

As a member of the X-Men, and one in a leadership position, she has full access to all of the team’s resources. She also has her own substantial personal wealth. Emma maintains the many contacts she cultivated before joining the X-Men, including a former intimate relationship with Tony Stark.

Emma Frost

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