Kurt Gerhardt


Kurt Gerhardt lost everything through a series of traumatic events. He had an epiphany when he saw Greg Salinger, the former Foolkiller, on television. He began writing to him and soon arranged to take over where he left off. As the new Foolkiller, Kurt used the “Purity Gun” against criminals but soon began targeting those that had committed only minor crimes. The police attempted to stop Foolkiller’s rampage but killed someone Kurt had framed as the Foolkiller. Kurt was eventually tracked to New Mexico, where he was using the identity Gregory Curtis, and arrested for his crimes.

The Foolkiller’s Purification Gun is a potent laser able to disintegrate a person on contact (assuming a central body part is hit). Gerhardt is self-trained in combat, achieving above average strength, fighting skills, and marksmanship, as well as a high tolerance for pain.


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