Tomi Shishido


The history of the Gorgon is shrouded in mystery. Believed to be the mutant Tomi Shisido, the Gorgon is reputedly a genius, able to read and write by his first birthday. By the age of 5 he was already ranked amongst the top five modern martial artists in Japan. At the age of 13 his mutant powers developed; telepathy and the ability to turn others to stone by looking at them. Joining the Hand, the Gorgon swiftly moved up their ranks, killing anyone who opposed him. Now he rules the organisation, focusing their attention on taking control of the world’s super-hero population.

A telepath with a healing factor, Gorgon can petrify people by making eye contact. A ninjitsu master with superhuman strength and speed, he dabbles in the supernatural arts. After his resurrection, he no longer possesses a heartbeat. Gorgon is a genius with advanced knowledge in multiple fields


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