Franklin Hall


Physicist Frankin Hall was trying to create teleportation technology when a lab accident exposed him to subatomic graviton particles. Discovering he could control gravity, a power mad Hall became the villain Graviton and demanded that the world leaders declare him the ruler of Earth. Graviton was defeated by the Avengers after he lost control of his powers, causing his base to implode. More recently, Graviton returned and suspended most of the World’s cities in mid-air before being defeated by the Thunderbolts.

Hall can mentally manipulate gravitational force, augmenting it or negating it or redirecting it at will. He can manipulate these forces on a planetary scale if need be, or control masses as small as pebbles; he can even use gravity to warp and redirect various forms of energy, such as light or radio waves, by affecting the particles or waves of same. Able to perceive the entire planet via bent light or through its gravitational field, he can manipulate gravity anywhere in the world even if he is not physically present at that location. He can focus redirected gravity into powerful force blasts or near-impenetrable force fields. Hall has remarkable physical stamina, perhaps somehow augmented by his powers.


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