Human Torch

Johnny Storm


Strength 4X
Agility 8B
Intellect 5D
Willpower 6X

Edge 2
Hand Size 4 (25)

Calling: Gloryhound
Hindrance: Triggered Powerless

Aerial Combat, Driving, Repair
Energy Control

Energy Sheath 10 – Flight, Partial Sheath
Fire Control 18 – Absorption, Blinding Blast, Body Doubles, Fireball, Fire Missiles, Fire Restraints, Fire Shield, Flames Shapes, Flame Whip, Heat Control, Heat Sphere, Nova Flame, Remove Heat, Updraft
Resistance +8 to Fire

Atmo-Web – Allows Johnny to use his powers in a vacuum


Joining his big sister Sue on an experimental space flight, young Johnny Storm gained fantastic powers after cosmic rays bombarded their ship. The four crewmembers became the Fantastic Four, with Johnny’s fire-based powers leading him to take the name “The Human Torch.” The Fantastic Four became one of Earth’s most prominent super hero teams and the Human Torch one of Earth’s most famous heroes.

Johnny’s life since becoming a hero has been full of adventure and opportunity. He’s traveled the cosmos with the Fantastic Four, been a race car driver for a time, and watched his girlfriend Frankie Raye become Nova, the Herald of Galactus. He worked briefly as an actor and a firefighter, finished college, engaged in various solo heroics, and even married the Skrull Lyja while she was disguised as the Thing’s then ex-girlfriend, Alicia Masters. Through it all, Johnny has kept his cheerful attitude, though his impulsive nature and penchant for practical jokes have sometimes annoyed his teammates. Despite often seeming immature and irresponsible, the Human Torch has helped save the world many times over and is a beloved member of the Fantastic Four.

The Human Torch loves being a super hero. He dates supermodels, pals around with various costumed heroes, and fights evil with a daredevil attitude and youthful exuberance. Recently confronted about his tendency to shirk “boring” responsibilities, he is slowly becoming more mature and adult. He still loves pranks and jokes, with teammate the Thing a favorite target. Johnny loves his sister Sue and the other members of the Fantastic Four dearly, and would do anything to aid them.

Abilities & Resources
The Human Torch can project fire from any part of his body. He can use this power to hurl fiery blasts, engulf his entire body in flames, and make shapes composed of fire. He can even “sculpt” flames, allowing him to form decoys of himself. His fiery aura protects him from projectiles and allows him to fly. He can extinguish part of it in order to safely carry passengers or objects and still fly. He can control fire as well, using it to create cages, rings, and other shapes. His body is fireproof, and he can absorb nearby fire and heat at will. The Human Torch can even voluntarily overload himself, creating a “Nova Flame” that is much hotter and more powerful than Johnny normally projects, but doing this exhausts him quickly. In addition to his powers, Human Torch is an experienced race car driver and mechanic.

As a member of one of Earth’s most famous super hero teams, Johnny Storm has a lot of friends and allies. Chief among them are his teammates and family. He is especially close to his sister Sue Storm, the Invisible Woman, and he and the Thing have a brotherly rivalry going back years. Johnny has also become good friends with Iceman and Spider-Man—heroes close to his own age—who better understand his attitudes and impulsive behavior than most. Despite his well-deserved reputation as a hothead, the Human Torch can still call on many heroes for assistance, especially fellow New York-based ones such as previous members of the currently defunct Avengers.

Human Torch

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