Morris Bench


Morris Bench was knocked into irradiated water during a fight between Spider-Man and Namor, resulting in him gaining the ability to transform himself into water. Bench has attempted to gain revenge on Spider-Man several times since but has always been defeated. As part of the Wizard’s Frightful Four, Hydro-Man has also fought the Fantastic Four and he was also part of the most recent Masters of Evil who fought the Thunderbolts.

Hydro-Man can transform himself wholly or partially into a water equivalent which he mentally animates and manipulates – for instance, producing high-pressure water blasts or engulfing foes in a massive wave. Bench controls every drop of his bodily liquid, and his watery form gradually reintegrates if it is vaporized or dispersed. He can merge with or absorb ordinary water, thereby increasing in size. His strength is slightly enhanced by his abnormal physiology. Recent alterations of Bench’s powers by the Wizard have enabled Bench to manipulate water sources separate from his own body, and have given Bench a finer degree of control over his own fluid form; however the Wizard also intentionally weakened Bench’s molecular cohesion, and developed a device enabling him to reduce Bench to an inert mass of liquid if necessary, ensuring Hydro-man’s loyalty.


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