Invisible Woman

Susan Richards


Strength 4X
Agility 6D
Intellect 6D
Willpower 10C

Edge 3
Hand Size 5 (30)

Calling: Guardian

Martial Arts
Energy Control
Leadership, Performing

Force Field 15 – Energy Bottle, Entrapment, Expanded Field, Forceflight, Force Bolt, Force Bubble, Force Cushion, Force Ram, Force Shapes, Remote Field, Scatter Blast, Shield from Energy, Suffocation
Invisibility 8 – Invisibility Field, Invisibility to Machines, Remote Invisibility, Remove Invisibility


The children of a successful Long Island physician, Susan Storm and her brother Johnny lost their parents to a car accident. Their mother died from her crash injuries, and their father spiraled into guilt-fed self-destruction after failing to save his wife. Moving to California to live with her aunt, Sue met Reed Richards when he stayed as one of her aunt’s boarders. She would meet him again years later and start a relationship with him. That relationship was strong enough that she was able to convince Richards to allow her and her brother on board on the fateful spaceflight that gave all of them superhuman abilities.

As a member of the Fantastic Four, Sue initially proved a convenient hostage or stumbling block. Over time, as her powers and confidence grew, that changed dramatically. By the time Susan Storm became a happily married Susan Richards and mother to young son Franklin, she was a vital member of the team. After an emotionally grueling experience under Psycho-Man’s control, a newly confident Sue, now aware that the extent of her powers was much greater than previously thought, changed her codename from “Invisible Girl” to “Invisible Woman.”

Susan is the mother of two extraordinary children, Franklin and Valeria. She is unique among her peers for the additional distinction of juggling active motherhood alongside her responsibilities as a costumed hero.

The Invisible Woman is often referred to as the soul of the Fantastic Four. Her strong will and immutable emotional core anchors the team through practically any challenge. Over time she has grown from a shy young girl to a powerful and self-confident woman with established leadership abilities and the respect of the super hero community. She also acts as the conscience and voice of wisdom to her husband when his motives or actions are buried under blind logic and over-rationalization. Despite a long-held attraction to Namor the Sub-Mariner, Sue remains utterly loyal to her husband and her family

Abilities & Resources
In the early years of the Fantastic Four, Susan’s abilities seemed limited to bending light around her or others, making her or her targets invisible to the naked eye. As time passed, it became apparent that this was only one aspect of her power to generate a force-field malleable to her will. This field can protect her from attack, expand outward in domes or spheres to protect others, or simply be formed into a number of crude—but practically indestructible— geometric shapes for uses ranging from ramps and movable platforms to bludgeoning ranged attacks. Given her level of control, this force-field projection is highly versatile and potentially quite dangerous. Even the team’s enemies have more than once acknowledged that the Invisible Woman is probably the most powerful member of her team.

Sue has access to all of the Fantastic Four’s facilities and equipment, as well as the significant goodwill and reputation bestowed on her and her teammates by New York City and the world.

Invisible Woman

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