Luke Cage

Carl Lucas


Strength 13C
Agility 5X
Intellect 4X
Willpower 6D

Edge 2
Hand Size 4 (25)

Calling: Protector

Brawling, Wrestling

“Bulletproof Skin” – Unique Power: weapons of +4 or less inflict no damage upon him
Regeneration 5


Framed and imprisoned for a crime he didn’t commit, ex-gang member Carl Lucas hoped for a chance at escape or parole. When Lucas volunteered for an experiment in cell regeneration and disease control, a vengeful racist prison guard sabotaged the experiment. Instead of death or injury, the experiment transformed Lucas, giving him superhuman strength and resistance to injury. Using his new-found powers to escape, he changed his name to Luke Cage and became the “hero for hire” known as Power Man. Later, he found a lifelong friend and long-term business partner in fellow hero Iron Fist.

Eventually, Luke cleared his name but chose to put his old life as Carl Lucas behind him and remain Luke Cage. For years, he and Iron Fist worked as partners, often doing heroic jobs for mundane pay. Luke also joined super hero groups such as the Defenders and the Fantastic Four, though usually preferring to assist such teams as needed instead of staying a long-term member.

Over the years, Luke has become a respected member of the super hero community. He’s expecting a child with his girlfriend, former super hero Jessica Jones. He now stands shoulder to shoulder with the Earth’s mightiest heroes without missing a beat. He rarely goes by Power Man anymore, preferring to face foes as the man he was forced to become and chose to remain, Luke Cage. He’s been working as a bodyguard for Matt Murdock since the story broke about the lawyer being the hero Daredevil.

Luke is an honest, often blunt, strong-willed man. He has the instincts of a street hustler and the heart of a hero. He is extremely devoted to his friends and family, but also cares for his community. He loves “sticking it to The Man” and will go out of his way to fight, embarrass, or confront those who think their power and privilege lets them cheat or abuse others. After all, this is the guy who once flew all the way to Latveria to confront Dr. Doom about an unpaid bill.

Abilities & Resources
Luke Cage is superhumanly strong, and his body tissues have the density and strength of steel, making him highly resistant to injury. He also recovers from injury more quickly and completely than a normal human. Cage is a trained combatant, using a mix of street brawling and martial arts training learned from his friend Iron Fist and others. Cage is also an experienced businessman, able to turn his superhuman abilities into profit more readily than most heroes, though his kind heart often leads him to take cases for little or no money.

Luke has numerous allies he can call on for aid. Chief among them are his girlfriend, Jessica Jones, and his best friend and partner, Danny Rand, AKA Iron Fist. Luke has also worked with the Fantastic Four, the Defenders, the Daughters of the Dragon, and Spider- Man on numerous occasions. Outside the super hero community, Luke is considered a great hero and role model among many of the poorer sections of New York and other major cities, as well as within the African-American community.

Luke Cage

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