Jerome Beechman


Jerome Beechman was born a mutant with dark fur covering most of his body. When his parents abandoned him in the deserts of Nevada at the age of ten, Beechman met with Nekra Sinclair, an albino mutant who had also been mistreated by her parents, and they travelled together for some time. Later, after his mutant powers manifested, giving him the ability to exude pheromones and a monkey-like physique, Beechman took the name Mandrill and began his life of crime. Over the years he has clashed with several heroes, teaming with either Nekra, or using his powers to control female heroes to fight on his behalf.

Beechman constantly generates pheromones which chemically enslave the minds of women in his general vicinity (though some exceptionally strong-willed women can resist him). His control can be disrupted by electrical shock. Males are generally immune to his power, though he has technological aids to affect the minds of male opponents. Beechman’s strength and agility are enhanced well beyond human norms, as are his speed, stamina, durability, and reflexes to some extent. Beechman is a capable leader, organizer and strategist.


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