Mr. Fantastic

Reed Richards


Strebgth 3X
Agility 4X
Intellect 12A
Willpower 8X

Edge 3
Hand Size 5 (30)

Calling: Explorer

Scientific Genius (Astronomy, Biochemistry, Biology, Chemistry, Computers, Dimensional Geography, Electronics, Genetics, Mechanics, Physics, Radiology, Robotics, Spacecraft, Super-Physiology, Time Machinery, Weapon Systems)

Elongation 15 – Seven League Strides, Telescopic Attack
Plasticity 15 – Bouncing, Disguise, Ensnarement (Instant Freedom, Multiple Targets, Resistance to Ensnarement), Kite Flight, Liquidity, Lock Picking, Net, Slingshot


Brilliance runs in the Richards family. Before he mysteriously disappeared, Nathaniel Richards amassed a fortune through his scientific expertise and patents. He left that fortune to his son Reed, a genius who showed himself his father’s worthy successor at a young age. After accumulating numerous degrees and academic distinctions, Reed ultimately turned the family fortune toward his dream of advancing humanity’s spaceflight capabilities. When the government threatened to shut down the program, Reed took reckless action. Alongside his college friend and pilot, Ben Grimm, and with the Storm siblings, Sue and Johnny, rounding out a minimal crew, Richards launched a prototype spacecraft employing an experimental drive and shielding. Fate intervened and the ship’s crew experienced high levels of unidentified exotic cosmic rays. Crash landing back on Earth, Reed discovered that their exposure to those energies had changed all four of them. They were now superhuman, and his best friend was trapped within a monstrous form.

Rather than risk them being considered as freaks and outcasts from humanity, Richards instead worked to brand them as heroes in the public eye. Their open identities, philanthropic works, and, above all, their exciting adventures and explorations as the “Fantastic Four” cemented that image firmly in the world’s awareness.

Over the years, Reed has taken the fruits of his genius and turned them into a business enterprise with deep enough pockets to fund the Fantastic Four’s most exotic explorations and adventures. He divides his time between going on these adventures, representing his team and family to the world as the most commonly seen “face” of the Fantastic Four, and performing the research and invention that ultimately finances the team. Reed has one other set of responsibilities—he and Susan Storm eventually married and had children, so Reed is unusual among his peers as he must also juggle marriage and fatherhood alongside his other roles.

Reed Richards is driven by a limitless scientific curiosity—he is always learning, always inventing, always exploring new avenues of research. Richards is unaccustomed to failure, so the results of Reed’s spaceflight experiments, which stripped his loved ones of a normal life and condemned his best friend to carry a monster’s face, haunt Richards constantly. That guilt makes him overly protective of his family and pushes him harder into tireless scientific exploration, to expand his knowledge of everything— just so he never makes such a mistake again. Reed wants to be a loving husband, a doting father, and a faithful friend, but his obsessive scientific pursuits sometimes cause him to neglect the very family and friends he is trying to protect.

Abilities & Resources
Mr. Fantastic possesses an elastic form down to the cellular level. He can reshape his body mass into numerous shapes and stretch his extremities over a thousand feet. He can contort his body into a lengthy coil or a springy sphere, or even flatten himself into a kite-like shape. He can also exert some finer control, distending his facial features or forming his fingers into makeshift tools. However, these changes to shape and form are limited to gross morphology, making it difficult to adapt for disguise or other precise or cosmetic uses.

Even without his powers, Reed Richards is arguably the single greatest scientific genius on Earth, noticeably outstripping even his peers Tony Stark, Bruce Banner, and Henry Pym.

Richards is one of the four shareholders for his patents and other revenue sources tied to the Fantastic Four and their discoveries. The proceeds sustain the Baxter Building facilities, various off-site labs, and numerous advanced vehicles, as well as provide sufficient funds for Richards and his family to live comfortably without outside assistance or normal employment.

Mr. Fantastic

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