Mr. Fear

Alan Fagan


The nephew of the Larry Cranston, the previous Mr. Fear, Alan Fagan inherited the costume and fear pheromones and used them to steal a dangerous radioactive isotope. Before he could use it however, he was caught by Hawkeye and Spider-Man. During a period of incarceration, Fagan was attacked, and his face skinned by thugs hired by his abandoned daughter, Ariel Tremmore. Fagan survived the attack and has since sworn to get revenge on his daughter, now operating as the villain Shock.

Mister Fear’s gun shoots pellets containing a pheromone-based compound, inducing fear in whoever inhales it; the effect lasts anywhere from five to fifteen minutes and can also be absorbed through the skin at a slower rate. Fear once used a hypodermic ring to inject the compound and occasionally carried other weapons, such as an energy-discharge gun; he has access to pheromone variations, including one which renders him appealing to women. Although Fear’s skin is saturated with fear pheromones, he has demonstrated no superhuman power.

Mr. Fear

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