Ms. Marvel

Carol Danvers


Strength 16X
Agility 6B
Intellect 5B
Willpower 7D

Edge 2
Hand Size 4 (25)

Calling: Gloryhound
Hindrance: Addicted to Alcohol

Aerial Combat, Martial Arts, Piloting
Energy Control, Espionage, Journalism

Body Armor + 4
Energy Blast 16
Energy Conversion 14 – Can convert all types of ambient energy into Energy Blast
Flight 10


Born the daughter of a father that wouldn’t accept women as the equal of men, Carol Danvers worked hard to change his attitude. She dreamed of becoming an astronaut one day, traveling from world to world. Finally fed up with her father’s blindness regarding her abilities, she left home after high school and joined the Air Force, ready to prove herself to the world. She became an accomplished pilot and eventually joined military intelligence, where she also excelled as a spy, working on missions alongside people like Ben Grimm and Logan.

She left the USAF to take a job as security head for NASA. There she became involved in one of the many covert fronts for the Kree-Skrull War, allying herself with the Kree hero Mar-Vell. Exposed to a Kree device designed to alter reality, Carol found her body modified into a half-Kree superhuman form and took the name “Ms. Marvel.” Continuing encounters with superhumans and aliens made her job untenable. Finally forced to leave NASA, she wrote a tell-all book that propelled her into the world of journalism. As Ms. Marvel, she worked alongside a number of heroes and teams, eventually joining the Avengers after helping them fight Ultron. Later, circumstances pushed her to distance herself from the Avengers, and the mutant Rogue stole Carol’s powers and memories, leaving Ms. Marvel for dead. Working with the X-Men to regain what she had lost, she fell victim to the alien Brood, who mutated her into a cosmic-level energy channeler. After a stint as “Binary,” wandering the cosmos alongside the Starjammers, she returned to Earth, exhausting her cosmic powers to save Earth’s sun.

Without her Binary powers, Carol was back to being merely superhuman, and she operated for a time under the name “Warbird.” She returned to the Avengers for a while, fighting her way through a bout with alcoholism brought on by her many emotional traumas. She left the team to take a position in Homeland Security, but again returned to fight the Scarlet Witch, whose assault resulted in the team disbanding.

Ms. Marvel has spent a good portion of her life fighting through a series of insecurities. She tends to overcompensate, and while she doesn’t grandstand unnecessarily, she may take unwise risks or impulsive actions to prove herself to those around her. The victim of multiple emotional and psychic violations, she also tends to lead with her fists, projecting a buffer of violence between her and anything she perceives as a threat. When in doubt in a situation, she will generally default to her military training and the mindset it conditioned.

Abilities & Resources
Danvers has gone through more than one set of superhuman abilities during her career. Currently, she possesses a respectable degree of superhuman strength and durability. She can also fly, emit powerful energy discharges, and both absorb and channel ambient electromagnetic energy to amplify her other abilities.

Aside from her powers, Ms. Marvel is a highly trained combatant and an accomplished military officer, spy, and pilot. Also, Carol has friends, associates, and contacts everywhere—she has worked with the Avengers, the Defenders, the X-Men, S.H.I.E.L.D., alongside a number of individual heroes, and at varying times has been a member of the military, the intelligence community, and Homeland Security.

Ms. Marvel

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