Ebenezer Laughton


Ebenezer Laughton trained from a young age to be a contortionist and would have continued in the world of entertainment had he not realised he could use his skills to become a formidable burglar. Stealing a scarecrow outfit from a costume shop, Laughton burglarized the apartment of Tony Stark. Iron Man was able to recover what was stolen but Scarecrow escaped. A shadowy organisation called The Firm saved the Scarecrow after he received life threatening wounds fighting Ghost Rider. They also gave him the power to control other’s fear using pheromones. A second encounter with Ghost Rider resulted in Scarecrow being killed, but the demon Blackheart resurrected him and he has returned to his life of crime.

Scarecrow’s pheromones trigger panic attacks in those around him, and this fear enhances his strength, agility and recuperative powers to superhuman levels. Scarecrow is an expert contortionist, escape artist and bird trainer. His crows are trained to attack his enemies and perform other simple tasks, responding to his hand gestures, verbal commands and other predetermined cues. Scarecrow’s favorite weapon is a pitchfork.


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