Kitty Pryde


Strength 5D
Agility 7C
Intellect 8C
Willpower 8D

Edge 2
Hand Size 4 (25)

Calling: Protector

Martial Arts Weapons
Martial Arts, Piloting
Computers, Electronics
Performing (Dancing), Writing

Phasing 13 – Airwalking, Astral Detection, Partial Phasing, Passengers, Phase Shift, Scrambling

Claws +3

Strength 7X
Agility 17C
Intellect 3X
Willpower 4X
Edge 1
Health 17
Calling: Guardian

Aerial Combat, Fast Exit

Enhanced Senses 3 (Vision and Smell)
Fire Control 4 (Fire Missiles Only)
Flight 4


A genius and computer prodigy whose mutant abilities manifested when she was thirteen years old, Katherine “Kitty” Pryde joined the X-Men despite interference from Emma Frost and the Hellfire Club. The youngest member admitted to the team, she has grown up in a world of costumed heroes, fantastic battles, and travels to alien locales. During those trying years she has matured greatly, adapting to the many extreme and exotic experiences with great aplomb.

She helped S.H.I.E.L.D. and worked with the New Mutants while proving to Professor Xavier she should retain her place in the X-Men proper. During a period of time when she thought the X-Men were dead, Kitty joined another group of heroes, Excalibur.

At Emma Frost’s request, Kitty returned to the Xavier school as a teacher and potential safeguard against Frost returning to her villainous old ways. Early in her new tenure, she discovered her on-again, off-again boyfriend Colossus alive again, after believing him to be dead for the previous two years. They are exploring a return to their previous relationship.

Kitty is strong-willed to the point of occasionally being headstrong. Her natural self-confidence has grown through surviving multiple near-death experiences, enduring possession by ninja ghosts, resisting attempted demonic corruption from an inherited soulsword, and facing the loss of friends and loved ones. She is precocious, witty, and charming, though her exuberant and snarky sense of humor can grate occasionally on her teammates. Kitty is also extremely loyal to those people she considers her friends, regardless of circumstances or practical demands.

Abilities & Resources
Shadowcat can render her body intangible, phasing out of synch with physical matter around her. This lets her walk through walls and even slowly walk on air itself. She can extend this effect to those she touches, rendering them intangible while she remains in contact with them. When passing through objects with active electrical fields, her phasing interferes destructively, shorting out electrical devices with often pyrotechnic side-effects. While phased, she is immune to most violence directed at her, with the exception of some disruptive energy emissions. On occasions where her abilities have been pushed beyond her normal limits, or when her normal control has been interfered with (by magic or other phasing powers), she has remained trapped in an intangible state for a period of time.

Even without her powers, Kitty is an impressive individual. A genius-level intellect, she has exceptional aptitude in computer science, mechanics, and electronics. Her combat training is extensive, including a considerable background in Japanese martial arts, thanks to previous possession by the ghost of the ninja master Ogun. She speaks several languages, has professional-level dance training, and shares an empathic connection with her “pet,” the miniature alien dragon Lockheed.


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