Herman Shultz


Arrested for burglary, Herman Shultz used the prison workshop to construct a device capable of emitting a sonic attack and used it to escape. He fashioned the device into wrist-mounted units and used them to become the villain Shocker. Since then, Shocker has fought Spider-Man several times, even defeating him once, and frequently improves his vibro-shock units in an attempt to stay one step ahead of him.

The Shocker’s vibro-shock units acts much like a pump-action compressed-air gun, creating a series of powerful impacts. These impacts, thrown from a distance, create destructive vibrations that will crumble solid concrete and cause extensive damage to the human body and its internal organs. The Shocker frequently experiments with different ways to mount the vibro-unit control mechanisms, attempting to find a placement for the trigger units that is not subject to being activated by others and turned against him.

His uniform, which contains its own power unit, also establishes a vibrational shield that will deflect normal blows and allow him to slip from any grasp, even that of Spider-Man’s webbing.


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