Joss Shappe


After stealing a high-tech battlesuit and killing its previous owner, Joss Shappe became the hitman Speedfreek. Early in his career, he was hired to kill a friend of Rick Jones, resulting in a fight with the Hulk. Speedfreek’s speed and adamantium weaponry proved a match for the Hulk but he fled the scene when his target died of natural causes. While investigating the death of his daughter, Speedfreek fought the Hulk again, but was forced to flee when his face was burned by battery acid.

Speedfreek wears an amored costume with high-powered jets built into the feet; positioned both at the base and the boot rim and individually activated, they enable him to move with equal ease along the ground backwards, forwards, sideways, or through the air, all at superhuman speeds in excess of 300 mph. His reflexes are also enhanced, though it is unclear if this is a byproduct of the suit or the physique enhancing drugs he takes. Attached to each wrist are long sheaths housing Adamantium blades, which he can extend at will; these are sharp enough to slice through most substances, even the Hulk’s durable hide. Speedfreek normally carries a 20’ long whip with a rocket-powered Adamantium-tipped barb; he can use this to throttle opponents, or to hook them before dragging them along behind him while he flies.


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