Ororo Munroe


Strength 6C
Agility 6D
Intellect 7A
Willpower 8C

Edge 3
Hand Size 5 (30)

Calling: Protector

Knives, Spears
Aerial Combat, Escape Artist, Martial Arts, Thievery
Energy Control
Leadership, Survival

Air Control 13 – Downdraft, Flight, Pressure Control, Tornado

Weather Control 13 – Cold Control, Fog Cloud, Heat Control, Lightning Bolts, Resistance to Weather

Hidden lock picks


Descended from a line of African priestesses but born in New York City, Ororo Munroe moved with her parents to Cairo when she was just an infant. After a building collapse killed her parents and left her trapped in the rubble for days, the young girl found herself alone on the streets at the age of five. Surviving as a thief and pickpocket for many years, she left the city and traveled into the African wilderness at the age of twelve.

On her journey she met, saved, and romanced the young Wakandan Prince, T’Challa. Harsh elements and harsher people nearly meant her death on several occasions. During this time her mutant abilities surfaced, and young Ororo discovered she could control the weather. She eventually reached her ancestral home in Kenya, where her mother’s tribe took her in and, due to her powers, worshipped her as a living goddess.

Years later, Professor Xavier recruited Ororo for a new team of X-Men. Given the codename “Storm,” the young mutant at first was distant and struggled to fit in. However, over the years, Storm became a valued member of the X-Men and eventually leader of multiple incarnations of the team. Shaped by tragedies such as temporarily losing her powers and encountering terrible foes such as the Brood and the Shadow King, Storm has emerged triumphant, a regal leader of Earth’s most prominent band of mutant heroes.

Once shy and naïve, Storm has grown into a confident, witty, and strong-willed leader. She loves and respects nature, finding solace and comfort in the wilderness during dark times. She values her friends and teammates highly, seeing them as her family and fiercely defending them from all threats. However, being worshipped as a goddess during her youth left an impression, and Storm does not take challenges to her authority well. Due to the childhood trauma surrounding her parents’ death, Storm suffers from severe claustrophobia.

Abilities & Resources
Storm has the mutant ability to control the weather. She can create storms, call down lightning, and even fly by summoning strong winds to carry her. Heightened emotional states can cause her powers to run rampant, meaning she must be careful to control her feelings. Storm also has latent mystical potential, inherited through her mother and going back generations.

Storm is an experienced adventurer, gymnast, and thief. She speaks multiple African dialects and is surprisingly skilled in hand-to-hand combat, particularly knife-fighting.

Storm is a veteran member of the X-Men and can call on the team for aid, particularly her close friends Shadowcat, Wolverine, Nightcrawler, and Colossus. She was romantically involved with the mutant super-inventor Forge and once led the subterranean mutants known as the Morlocks—she can still count both as allies, despite some tensions. Storm’s Wakandan prince, T’Challa, grew up to become the Black Panther, hero and king of Wakanda. The two still hold a special place in each other’s hearts, though only time will tell what will come of their longstanding attraction.


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