Simon Utrecht (Vector) / Michael Steel (Ironclad) / Ann Darnell (Vapor) / Jimmy Darnell (X-Ray)


Former U.S. Representative Simon Utrecht sought super-powers and, emulating the Fantastic Four, arranged an experiment to have him and his colleagues bombarded with cosmic radiation. The Hulk learned of Utrecht’s plan, stopping the experiment prematurely. Since then, the U-Foes have fought him on several occasions, believing they would have been more powerful had he not interfered.

Ironclad can lift 60 tons, and possesses a harder-than-steel body. Vapor can transform her body into any form of gas. Vector can repel anything from him at will, including physical, energy, magical, interdimensional, and psionic objects. X-Ray exists in energy form, and is capable of flying and projecting any form of radiation.


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