Ophelia Sarkissian


Born in the 1920s, Ophelia Sarkissian allied herself with the Elder God Chthon who greatly slowed her aging. Having trained as a mercenary, Orphelia joined the terrorist organisation Hydra where she took on the name Madame Hydra and was in charge of their New York operations. She later reorganised the defunct Serpent Society killing their former leader Viper, and taking his alias.

Viper is a brilliant and cunning criminal strategist who has been rigorously trained in various martial arts. She is also a skilled markswoman and expert in the use of a bullwhip.

Viper is also extremely knowledgeable in the properties and uses of toxins, poisons, and snake venoms, frequently creating her own poisons that she spreads throw hollow fangs or poisoned lipstick. Viper has rendered herself immune to most toxins via controlled exposure.


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