Wrecking Crew

Dirk Garthwaite (The Wrecker) / Dr. Eliot Franklin (Thunderball) / Brian Calusky (Piledriver) / Henry Camp (Bulldozer)


Dirk Garthwaite was bestowed mystical powers after he interfered in one of Loki’s rituals. Soon afterwards Garthwaite was electrocuted while fighting Thor and his powers transferred into the crowbar he was holding. Later, being joined by three other convicts, Garthwaite escaped prison and reclaimed the crowbar. He used it to transfer some of his power to his colleagues and they became the Wrecking Crew. Since then they have faced the majority of the heroes of New York, usually being defeated and sent to jail.

Each member of the Wrecking Crew possesses superhuman strength (lifting from 10-40 tons), stamina and durability, portioned out roughly evenly between them. The Wrecker (or whoever wields his crowbar) possesses greater powers when not sharing with the others. The crowbar also allows the wielder to teleport, fire energy blasts, and create an energy shield. Thunderball also wields an enchanted wrecking ball.

Wrecking Crew

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