Avengers Assemble!

Issue 1 - Breakout!


Locations Visited

United Nations Building
The Raft

Beast, Captain America, Iron Man, Mr. Fantastic, Spider-Man, Storm

Supporting Characters
Daisy Johnson, Maria Hill, Nick Fury

Blackout, Bushwacker, Carnage, Count Nefaria, Crossfire, Chemistro, Controller, Cutthroat, Foolkiller, Jigsaw, Mr. Hyde, Mr. Fear, Sentry, Scarecrow, Vermin

  • An attack on the United Nations headquarters by the terrorist organisation Hydra is stopped when Iron Man and Spider-Man team up. The captured Hydra soldiers are taken to the Raft, a prison specialising in the incarceration of super-villains.
  • Mr. Fantastic arranges a meeting with Beast to discuss the Sentry. Mr. Fantastic explains that he recently began remembering a super-hero called the Sentry but had been unable to find anyone else who remembered him, or any mention of him online. He knew that the Sentry’s secret identity was Robert Reynolds and could find records of him, but nothing linking him to the Sentry. The only mention of the Sentry he could find was within the S.H.I.E.L.D. databases, where a person calling himself the Sentry had handed himself over for imprisonment, claiming to have killed his wife. Beast agreed to meet the Sentry, currently held aboard the Raft, to see if he would remember anything about him.
  • An electrical disturbance caused all power to the Raft to be cut, freeing all the prisoners aboard. Beast found himself attacked by Mr. Hyde and Carnage, and would have been killed had the Sentry not intervened. The Sentry grabbed Carnage and flew through the roof and into the sky.
  • Captain America, Iron Man, Spider-Man and Storm arrived at the raft and engaged a large group of super-villains attempting to escape. Working together as a team, and joined by the Beast, they were able to apprehend the majority of this group, but several other villains escaped in the confusion.
  • Seeing this gathering of heroes as a sign, Captain America suggested they form a new team of Avengers and all agreed to join. Iron Man offered the use of one of his buildings in New York as their head quarters and provided access to a Quinjet to allow speedy transportation.
Issue 2 - Out of Time

Locations Visited

Brooklyn Bridge
Boston, Massachusetts

Beast, Captain America, Iron Man, Spider-Man, Storm

Supporting Characters
Nick Fury

Crossbones, Electro, Red Skull, Wrecking Crew

  • Alerted to an incident on the Brooklyn Bridge, the Avengers confronted the Wrecking Crew, four of the 25 super villains that escaped from the Raft. The Avengers were able to defeat and capture Bulldozer, Piledriver and Thunderball, but the Wrecker was able to escape.
  • The Avengers reviewed the footage from the Raft breakout and determined that Electro was responsible. Iron Man was able to track Electro to Boston where the Avengers were able to apprehend him after a short battle. Electro confirmed he had been hired by Viper to break out the Silver Samurai. He also mentioned that Viper was allied with the ninja of The Hand.
  • Nick Fury spoke with Captain America privately to tell him that the Red Skull had been killed. S.H.I.E.L.D. technicians determined that he had been shot with a high-powered sniper rifle from a building across from the apartment he was using. They also found a display case attached to a high-tech receiver. While they were unable to determine it’s exact purpose, they were able to confirm that receiver was connected to other devices located in New York, London and Paris.
  • Captain America led a team of S.H.I.E.L.D. technicians into the New York sewer system and found AIM scientists, led by the villain Crossbones, arming a large explosive device. Captain America fought Crossbones but was unable to apprehend him due to him activating the bomb. Realizing that the bomb was being powered by the local electrical supply, Captain America cut the connecting wires, preventing an explosion.
  • A S.H.I.E.L.D. team, led by Sharon Carter, reached the Paris site in time to prevent the bomb there being detonated. The team sent to the London site, led by Union Jack, arrived too late to prevent a third party killing the A.I.M. technicians and taking the explosive device. One of the people responsible was found dead at the scene, and S.H.I.E.L.D. were working on identifying him.
Issue 5 - The Winter Soldier


Issue 6 - Ronin



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