James Howlett / "Logan"


Wolverine is currently missing and not available for recruitment


James Howlett was born sickly to wealthy parents in late 19th Century Canada. Abuse, betrayal, lost love, murder, and the manifestation of his mutant abilities led young James to flee his ruined home with his first love, a girl named Rose. Eventually he lost Rose as well and fled into the wilderness to live with a pack of wolves.

Leaving the forest after a time, James spent decades having a series of strange and half-remembered adventures. Under the name Logan, he fought in World War II, met Captain America, and worked for various intelligence services. Later he came to the attention of the Weapon X program, which was attempting to make the perfect assassin and killing machine. The program bonded Adamantium to Logan’s skeleton and bone claws, making them unbreakable. The process also broke Logan’s mind, causing his memories to fragment and reverting him to an animal state. He wandered the Canadian wilderness until Heather and James MacDonald Hudson found him. The couple helped restore his sanity and recruited him for Canada’s Department H.

As Department H’s operative, Logan took the name Wolverine. He fought the Hulk, worked with Alpha Flight, and went on various missions until Charles Xavier recruited him for the X-Men. Wolverine stayed with the X-Men for years, leaving periodically in attempts to find peace or put together the fractured memories of his past. He is currently with the X-Men, but becoming a bit restless working only with one team.

Wolverine is gruff, blunt, but extremely loyal and passionate. He combines the code of a samurai warrior with the instincts and impulses of a predator. Wolverine is often protective of younger, less experienced heroes and teammates, but he never coddles them, preferring to help them grow and advance through “tough love.” Wolverine isn’t proud of his berserker rages and past activities as an assassin and killer, but he isn’t drowning in shame either. Instead, he accepts what he is, expects others to do the same, and tries to use those skills and experiences for good.

Abilities & Resources
Wolverine possesses uncanny stamina and recuperative abilities. This healing factor allows him to recover from terrible wounds, rendering him functionally immune to poisons and diseases, and greatly retarding his aging. His skeleton and natural bone claws are bonded with Adamantium; this makes them unbreakable and the claws hyper-sharp, capable of cutting through nearly anything. Wolverine also has enhanced physical abilities and heightened senses.

In addition to his powers, Wolverine has several lifetimes of training and experience. He speaks multiple languages and is a trained spy, soldier, and assassin. He has mastered various forms of combat, particularly unarmed ones and those using bladed weapons. He is an expert woodsman and tracker— skills augmented by his mutant senses.

Though he can’t remember all of it, Wolverine has been there and done that. There are few superhumans in the Marvel Universe he hasn’t fought with or against—often both. In particular, he has worked closely with Spider-Man, Nick Fury, Captain America, and Spider-Woman. He is surprisingly close to fellow X-Men member Shadowcat and spent years in love with teammate Jean Grey and in rivalry with her longtime beau, Cyclops. He has numerous contacts in the intelligence community and extensive criminal contacts centered around the Southeast Asian island of Madripoor.


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