Avengers Assemble!

Issue 6 - Ronin



The Avengers arrived in Japan and met up with Sunfire, the cousin of Silver Samurai. Sunfire initially refused to help, but changed his mind following an attack by Silver Samurai’s ninjas led by Lady Deathstrike. The Avengers tracked Silver Samurai down to a house several miles away and Spider-Man climbed onto the roof to spy on a meeting in the central garden.

The Gorgon and Viper teleported in and begun discussing an alliance with the Silver Samurai. Hydra and the Hand offered Silver Samurai their soldiers to help him consolidate power in the Japanese Underworld. In exchange for this, and for freeing him from the Raft, Silver Samurai handed over an ornate wooden box.

Before Viper and the Gorgon could leave, Spider-Man used his web-shooters to snatch the box away, starting a fight. The Hand were able to recover the box allowing Viper to teleport away. Captain America and Iron Man joined the fight, engaging Silver Samurai and Lady Deathstrike while Sunfire attacked the Gorgon. The Avengers were able to defeat Silver Samurai, but were unable to prevent the Gorgon from gravely injuring Sunfire, cutting off both of his legs with a single sword blow, before teleporting away. Iron Man rushed Sunfire to a nearby hospital while Captain America and Spider-Man finished their battle with Lady Deathstrike.

After the battle, the Avengers questioned Silver Samurai about the meeting. He explained that Hydra had rescued him from his unfair imprisonment at the hands of S.H.I.E.L.D. He claimed that S.H.I.E.L.D. agents had come in the night and kidnapped him without provocation. He said that he had already served time in jail for the crimes he had committed and had limited his operations since to Japan only. The Avengers asked what was in the box and were told that it contained a strange piece of technology that the Yashida Clan had obtained many years ago. The only identifying mark on it was the word Leviathan.

Issue 6 - Ronin

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